Are duplicate sites bad?

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As part of a marketing exercise, I need to have two identical sites sitting
at two different domain names. We will then measure the visitors at each
site to see which marketing efforts drive people to our websites more

For example, we might have and Both sites will be word-for-word identical in
every way.

Now, if Google spiders these two sites and discovers that they are just
exact copies of each other, is there some kind of penalty in the rankings?


Re: Are duplicate sites bad?

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Yup. One of the sites will survive, the other one won't.
To try to avoid this one site will need to be promoted by off-line
means only and not linked to at all from outside sources. You'd need
to protect it with a robots.txt that excluded every robot known to man
so it wouldn't get spidered. Much.

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Re: Are duplicate sites bad?

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How about having your mail site hosted as you would normally, get the second
domain name and simply redirect it in (set it up as a domain alias), then
use referrer logs to see how many people clicked on the other domain?

Doing this your main site shouldnt get penilised I dont think and you'll
still get the stats about who clicked what.

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