Apparently, I need help with SEO

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I don't know if this is the right place to even post this, but I'll
try.  If I'm incorrect, please let me know where I should go for

I am a Realtor and I have a site ( that has been
up for about a year.  We supposedly had the site built for Search
engine optimization, but we've been disappointed with the results.

We had ramped up to nearly 100 visitors per day and things were looking
good, but in the last month or so, our traffic has dropped
significantly, to where we are only getting about 30 uniques per day.

Our SE traffic generation breaks down as follows:

Google  64%
Yahoo   19%
MSN     14%

Is there anyone here that could possibly look at our site and give me
some idea(s) as to why our traffic is not doing better?

Re: Apparently, I need help with SEO


Quoted text here. Click to load it

Both of these tags can go as they do nothing:-
<meta name="Robots" content="index,follow">
  <meta name="gooblebot" content="index,follow">
Robots go everywhere they can by default, you see.  
Take out the comments as they're not indexed anyway. This would have
been an old and unfavoured idea even when you had the site done.
That javascript would be better for being externalised. Ditto.
I see this and more in your alt tags;

is this area codes that are significant to Americans? I just dunno
what it is myself:-) Maybe it's zip codes?
I notice you have an h2 tag, Mortgage Center - perhaps you should be
saying San Diego Mortgage Center there.
There's a whole lot of code like this;-

style="border-top:1px solid #f0f0f0; border-bottom:1px solid #f0f0f0;

in there that if you look carefully doesn't actually do anything as
it's superceded by what comes immediately after it. That could all go.
Your html and css fail to validate, which I'd personally be looking
You need a coherent linking strategy. Top left, the link alt text
reads "Tanner Williams Team", should it not be reading something like
"San Diego Realtors Tanner Williams" as then it would reinforce the
identity of the home page with the engines.

Anyway, there's a ton of stuff but nothing at all unusual that we
don't see everyday. Looking at the santee Homes for Sale page, for
example, I'd first make sure that that's the term people are searching
for in that area, do your keyword research in other words, then have a
little text logo-type thingie that you could put in next to every home
- this is a Santee home for sale! - and have the top one as an h1 tag
and the secondary ones as h2 tags - just to beat the engines over the
head with the concept, y'know, never hurts actually! and also I'd get
all those small links down the bottom of the pages off from all the
pages apart from the home page and maybe a handful of others. You just
don't want them all over everywhere. This is the "Santee homes for
sale" page, by jiminy!!, so what's all that other stuff there for, eh,
you already have those links on the home page, they just confuse

So I don't think things were optimised all that well in the first
place, anybody here could improve it quite a bit.
I think you're just quiet because it's the summer though, everyone's
on holiday. But now would be the time to consider revamping the site,
there's considerable room for improvement.


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Re: Apparently, I need help with SEO

Big Bill wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

I agree about doing something with the top left link alt text
presently reading "Tanner Williams Team". "San Diego Real Estate - Tanner
Williams home page" might be better.  Other ideas might be "San Diego homes
for sale by Tanner Williams" etc.

Before making any changes spend a lot of time and effort working out a plan
that will objectively match up with your potential customers wants.

Write out a list of everything that customers ask when they come in the
door.  What exact words do they use ?.  What do they say when they call on
the phone.  Ask you staff and get them to list exactly the words and phrases
your customers use.

Generate a frequency table of these words and phrases.   This needs plenty
of imagination and also a willingness to really think like a customer.
Imagine your potential customer sitting at home or work - what will they
actually type in when they want to find someone to help them buy or sell a
Is "houses for sale in San Diego" more likely than "homes for sale in San
Diego" or "house for sale in San Diego" or "home for sale in San Diego" etc.
You must work this out.   Try this many times : but don't rely
on it.  Use your own local knowledge at the best guide.  Are your customers
frightened of spelling "realtor" ?  Do they use "real estate" instead ?  Zip
codes can be valuable as these will help match up with requests for "house
for sale in 12345"

Do you advertise in newspapers or signboards ?   You are already #1 for
Tanner Williams:
Paul Williams and Hugh Tanner - Prudential California Realty
TWT Real Estate provides information about San Diego homes for sale, new
for sale, real estate services, mortgages, and moving resources. - 31k

Is this how you want to be seen ?  Why not "Homes for sale in San Diego by
Tanner and Williams - Prudential California Realty."

This assumes that the phrase  "Prudential California Realty" projects some
image of integrity and perhaps part of larger company ?

The use of the additional phrase "TWT Real Estate" is confusing to me.  It
does not seem to reinforce the title but rather the opposite.  If your
signboards all say TWT then stick with TWT only.  If your signboards say
Tanner Williams then stick with that.

Just a few thoughts, others will hopefully add more.  Good luck.

PS. If  you know anyone wanting to buy a large house for sale in North
Queensferry, near Edinburgh in Scotland, let me know.

Best regards, Eric.

Re: Apparently, I need help with SEO

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Hi Eric

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