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Re: Anything wrong with this

I just noticed that my site map , which is part of a PHP search program I
utilize at my site, happens to use UTF-8 also. Could it be there is some
sort of relation to that as some of the problem?

This is the Home page for the PHP search script I use: /

Here is part of the config file for the script as from the config file. It
says the encoding ought to match, but Google has not had a problem before
indexing the site, so I dont see why all of a sudden its a problem? The rest
of the pages on my site I thought were all encoded the same, but now
checking , I see some use iso-8859-1 and others are windows-1252.  My host
still has not devulged the server logs, so I was forced to change

/* Select the character set that will be used in the content-type meta tag
 * the results page.
 * This should be set to the character set used throughout the rest of your
 * site.
 * Examples settings are:
 *  "iso-8559-1" for ISO 8559-1 Western European
 *  "shift-jis" for Japanese language
 * Default value: utf-8
$isearch_contentTypeCharset = "utf-8";

/* Set to true if your character set can be represented as 8 bits. This
 * includes ISO-8859 charsets (containing accented characters)
 * If you use a multi-byte character set (such as for Chinese or Japanese
 * languages), change this to False. This causes less manipulation of
 * character data stored and searched for.
 * Recommended value: True for single-byte languages, such as English and
 *                          European languages.
 *                    False for multi-byte languages, such as Chinese and
 *                          Japanese.
$isearch_8bitCharset = True;

| On Thu, 28 Oct 2004 06:22:12 GMT, The Bicycling Guitarist
| > My host's tech guy just sent me this. Isn't it okay to specify UTF-8 as
| > the
| > charset in the HTTP headers at the server level? Isn't it okay to have
| > validated XHTML 1.0 strict code?
| These should have no bearing on Google. I have a site with UTF-8 and XHTML
| (served as text/html) at and it's PR4 and at top of
| Google for my keywords.

Re: Anything wrong with this

Quoted text here. Click to load it

So how does one fix this? Is it Google's problem or my host's server
configuration? This has been going on for a year and a half now. Many have
tried; none have succeeded in figuring this out yet

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