Any reviews of affilate programs?

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Are there any published reviews comparing Linkshare, "Commission
Junction," Google AdSense? Which affilate programs recieve favorable


Re: Any reviews of affilate programs?

There is a short review from the publishers viewpoint on my website at:

If you are a publisher, then it basically falls down to which schemes
carry the advertising you are looking for.  However, from the
advertiser's point of view, the better schemes appear to be Commission
Junction and Tradedoubler for UK advertisers.

Tradedoubler has the added advantage that they provide a service to set
up and run a loyalty scheme website (such as using their
advertisers, whereas all of the other schemes need the publishers to
search for relevent advertising.

Google Adsense has various advantages - the advertising is
automatically generated to fit in with their website (although this may
need some adjusting of your web page to get the right content) and will
never be out of date.  However, from an advertisers point of view, this
can be more expensive than a general affiliate scheme for two reasons:

1) You pay for each click (so not necessarily on a sale)
2) Someone else can outbid you and therefore push your advertising off
all of the sites.

I tend to prefer affiliate schemes, but they can be expensive to join
and you need to offset that agains the cost PPC schemes (such as
GoogleAdsense) may cost, depending on yoru competition and how much
they bid.

Rich Mellor

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Re: Any reviews of affilate programs?

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I would add... I think eSellerate with EST
downloads can be OK for some as well?

best regards
Thomas Schulz /

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