Any one tried to call google in the uk or any other place in the world

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Ok i will moan and groan and yes I have used Google since around 1998
but isn't this company a limited company then why should they wish to
make it really difficult for the general public to contact them, surely
its in their interest to support the very people that have made them
into what they are today.

Regarding there contact numbers, the base in Dublin has two number that
are supposed to allow communication with the outside world these are no
longer working, there London base is ex directory so this make it
impossible to contact them with in the United Kingdom

Their American head quarters seem to work in the same fashion i.e. you
are unable to communicate with them unless you reside in America. This
number on their site is only for automated responses.

Can some one please tell me what they are hiding after all isn't it
the general public that put them where they are today.

Maybe this company is only interested in what they can acquire from the
public and not at all interested in the out side world because they
believe they are bigger than the public that choose to use them as a
search engine.

 I suppose they will come back with some comments to defend them selves
but even if they choose not to they may try to remove this message, the
fact is that if you wish to contact them don't bother because they
make it difficult for the person to contact them over the phone.

For me I choose to use there adverts after I had used it for over 6
month it had amounted over 150 ukp and then I was told that the way I
choose how to use there ads was a contravention of there policy I mean
could they not have informed me of this at the start so that I could if
I had at all done something wrong rectified it, the way they choose to
abuse me was to remove this and tell me some six months later that I
was using it wrong this in turn demonstrate the underhanded attitude
that this company has on people.

My advice to any one is firstly to switch search engines and then
secondly to remove these ads from the pages where you chose to place
them other wise like me you will be given a lame excuse and then never
able to contact them for them to explain that they had in fact made a

I will post this into as many newsgroups and other places where I think
I will cause them damage and loss of revenue. After all people power is
a lot more powerful than a search engine company that lies and cons

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