Any idea why my site ranking suddenly dropped?

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I am so confused. A couple months ago I made attempts to boost my site
rankings by establishing link exchanges with prominent sites, etc. It
started paying off. Just last week I saw my site rankings (based on google
searches) go from page 16 to page 8 on "guitar lessons", page 5 to page 1 on
"free guitar lessons online" and page 8 to page 3 for "free guitar lessons".
Now I am suddenly worse off than I was before! I find this so maddedning
because my site has such large degree of content and I get so many emails
from visitors commending the site and telling me that it is the best of its
kind they have seen. So why on earth have things changed so suddenly? It is
so annoyingly ironic that right as I start getting frequent  inbound links
from the highest ranked sites (such as which is featuring
an article from my site, with link back, and on which I
am consistently in the top 5 at the links on the bottom), I am getting
severely penalized. It makes it impossible to have any faith in traffic
boosting strategies, to see such an effect.

Any advice is vastly appreciated.



Re: Any idea why my site ranking suddenly dropped?

On Sat, 13 May 2006 10:13:11 -0400, "Brian Huether"

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Ask them for a link then.

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Google is all over the place. Hang in and get good links and provide
quality content. The future will re-assert itself at some point,
though it's name may not be Google.


Re: Any idea why my site ranking suddenly dropped?

Brian Huether wrote:


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I would suggest getting rid of stuff like :

<script src="banners/ ...> in the <head>, just a hunch.

Also, it is one thing to have a well linked Entrance Page but yours
seems a little too busy, although all relevant. I would start by
concentrating more on the web site content itself and remove all
affiliates and AD networks off the Entrance Page. I would figure out a
way to tighten up the directories into more targeted categories, then
in a sub-level expand them.

Just my .02 CAD

Fred /

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