Any Fuzzy Software ( Other than SOUNDEX / NYSIIS )?

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Hi All

We are using soundex (and later tried Nysiis) for fuzzy name search
software. But we faced a lot of problems the search accuracy was not very
good also we saw a lot of misses of relevant names.

There are many problems other than precision and accuracy, with soundex and


Look for Smith and it will come-up with around 250 very popular last names.
That dones not help much when a user is searching for "John Smith". Also, it
does not return Creighton for Kryton as the search string.

I googled a little and saw soming called NamiX. Without contacting the
company ( ) directly, I wanted to get feedback from newsgroups
or people who are experts at this. Has anyone used this software? If so, Is
it as good as they claim?

Thanks a million in advance.

Steve Creighton
(please remove .antispam from email address) or post back your answers to
this group

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