Another Secret: Internet Bombing

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Seeing that the Internet is weaving its way through our society,
people are now coming up with ways to get seen online. Businesses
concerning the internet such as search engine optimization (SEO)
companies are now paving the online highway for their clients. Search
engine optimization is the process of creating a specific website so
that search engines such as Yahoo or Google can easily find that
website. This, in turn, would help the website gain its popularity
among users everywhere. There are several aspects under search engine
optimization: web design, web maintenance, content, media buying, and
viral marketing, among many others. SEO is just one of the Internet
marketing services available, and helps a client's website gain user
hits by using the right design, layout, and keywords.

On the other hand, there are certain companies who want to get hits
immediately, and are therefore practicing the use of the Google bomb.
This is another tactic under internet marketing services, but this
strategy is more on the let's-make-this-fast approach. Google bomb
works to get Google to display a particular site of choice as the main
search result for a given set of keywords or key phrases. The idea of
Google bombing is to basically exploit the Google ranking system,
which ranks the highest website hits and place it on top of the Google
search results. In most cases, political activists and marketing
companies are the usual suspects for this kind of approach. This
Google bomb may be fast and high in ranks, but is not necessarily

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Re: Another Secret: Internet Bombing

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<endless drivel deleted>
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Read more? You have to be joking.
This isn't Internet Bombing, but Internet *Boring*.


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Re: Another Secret: Internet Bombing

What a crock of baloney.

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