Another Database Dropped By Google

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Google killed the -in databse today so that makes the 3rd one of the
older databases (-sj, -zu, and now -in). They added 3 new ones in their
place ( -mc, -gv, and -kr). While none of us know what the significance
of this means, it does definitely have to do with the whole florida
thing and what has happened but behind the scenes. What's more since
they dropped -in today some of my old sites that were dropped are coming
back and there have been changes in the other databases. So this might
mean some normalicy will return this google dance when it really starts.
So far just some small movement the past couple of days.

Also of interest one of my sites uses 4 keywords in the title. There are
two main important ones and two minor ones. When I used to do a search
using the title it showed up for any of the two sets of keyword and now
it only shows up for the minor ones. So the filter people could be right
baout google filtering out certain commercial keywords.

If I haven't responded to posts today it's because I'm very busy working
on two experimental pages that hopefully will deal with the new florida
algo. I think I've discovered some things but need to test them out
first before I make any reports of my findings.

Re: Another Database Dropped By Google

Sorry, the follwong is only a personal comment,
but since a lot of guys here think that probably (and hopefully) thinks will
turn to normality, isin't it better to wait instead of trying to optimize
and then be dropped down becouse the seo was good for florida and not for
the old algo ?
Do you have comments about this ?



PS. By the way...florida killed 20 percent of my traffic.... hope it will
become better...
PPS. Now really SPAM is on the top of the search results... I am sure that
it will chance...but it better or worser ???

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Re: Another Database Dropped By Google

plutonium wrote:
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Well I have 9 sites to fool with and have only tinkered with 3 sites
index pages and 4 internal pages of the other 6 sites. It would be easy
enough to switch back to the pages that were there before if I have to
and if anything like this should happen again I'll know just what to do
if anything comes from my experiments. Plus it's kind of fun trying to
figure it out. It's like a good detective mystery story and you have to
figure out who did it.

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