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With seo dave apparently gone and also rxgm gone even longer doesn't
that make me the high exulted grand high mocker of this ng? Yes I
believe it does and I accept my septor with humility and would like to
thank all the little people out there who made my reign possible. Who
knows maybe they will even name a dessert after me one day.

Re: Another Amusing Thought........

Sam wrote:
     > With seo dave apparently gone and also rxgm gone even longer doesn't
     > that make me the high exulted grand high mocker of this ng? Yes I
     > believe it does and I accept my septor with humility and would
like to
     > thank all the little people out there who made my reign possible. Who
     > knows maybe they will even name a dessert after me one day.

Spotted Sam, anyone? :-)


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Extract the "URINE" to e-mail :)

Re: Another Amusing Thought........

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Any guess what happen to David, Sam. I know you use to track his
website. Is it doing ok? If not, maybe that is why.


Re: Another Amusing Thought........

CA wrote:
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I don't see much happening at his new sites, although google has been
slow lately to show new backlinks. But as I predicted his older seo site
(ntworld one) is starting to dissapear from google listings just as his
old lingerie site did in the same manner. I predict all his new sites
will meet the same fate in about 6 months. I hate to say I told him so
but I told him so. Google is dumping sites with too many internal pages
since 11/16. Dave thinks it's from blog comment spamming but it isn't.
I've done tons of research tracking sites that blog comment spam worse
than Dave ever did or I ever did who don't have tons of internal pages
and their sites are fine. I've also tracked sites that did no blog
comment spamming or anything else via spamming but have tons of internal
pages and their sites were pulled out of google's index or are on the
way out right now as his older seo site is.

Re: Another Amusing Thought........

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Sam, doesn't your comments go against the traditional logic. I keep
reading that content is king and the more the better. When you say too
many internal pages, you are talking about a structure that has an
index page and many, many sub pages. Hmmmmm, don't see how too many
pages can cause a problem. What's the logic behind it? Is linking
those internal pages a problem? Sorry, for all the questions, but this
is the first time I read such a theory and I read a lot of these
forums. How many pages do you have on your site? Under 100, over a

I"m not a big spammeer of blogs or anything else, but it may be worth
looking in to. My concern has been all the talk about crosslinking
sites that you own. I keep reading that google doesn't like this cause
they think you are an affiliate (let me clarify, this is only the case
if the crosslinking appears within the same IP block).

Also, I find my sites are still ranked high on overseas google. Heck
I'm number one and two, yet in the states I'm in the gutter. Not sure
what this means. It makes me wonder about one of you other posts that
if this is not an indication some kind of big change is in the works
again at google.

Dam, this is frustrating?

David (not your david, sorry)

Re: Another Amusing Thought........

I am always seeing that content is king. I have been doing this full
time for a year and part time for 3 years before that and dont believe
that statement is always true.

It depends what your goals are. If you want to wait forever to have
folks link to you who love the content it took you hours and hours to
develope then yea content will work. But it will be a long journey.

People will link back to a site that is interesting and useful. But it
will be slow going.

I believe you can let other people build your content by utilizing
message boards, newfeeds, links to great sites, etc and make a site
with rich content without having to write it yourself. Look at the
blogs. Alot of them are stuff other than the owners writings. there
are also sites that do nothing but provide content. just do a search
for "free web content".

One example of a do it yourself content site can be seen at what I am
doing here:

Its an old idea to some but I can post my links at the bottom of each
page for PR while the visitors build the content. A friend of mine who
is interested in political discussion is moderating the board.

We both win. But again this will take at least a year to build PR at
the board and to build traffic. It may be a good place for some ads at
some point.


Re: Another Amusing Thought......

So this is the famous David I have been reading about. I have looked
at some of your previous posts....very good. As you know, Sam has
claimed kingship since you have been gone. Those of us who have  half
a brain (sorry, I may be one of them since I do have a day and night
job and not much time to undestand all the ins and outs of this seo
stuff) would appreciate you stopping by once in awhile. I'm not sure
what this alexa is, but I read on another post that the rankings are
artificial. Below is the words from someone who understands this stuff
much better then I (note this is from the other google group).

The Alexa toolbar does not use Google. The Alexa ranking is based on
visits to your site by those who have the alexa tool bar installed
(very biased sample -- biased to more techie people and webmasters -
certainly not reflective of the general www public - even though >
million people have teh toolbar). Your figures of 171000 - 70000 are
in the vicinity in which one regular visitor to your site (perhaps
you?) with or without the Alexa tool bar installed could account for
the change. Most new sites I have, start around 3,000,000-4,000,000th
- they quickly move to under 200,000th with just a few clicks a day
from me and no other visitors ---- see why the Alexa ranking are
meaningless? (they are harder to manipulate in the top 200). If you do
not want to believe me - find a site (yours or someone else) that has
a low alexa ranking (>1,000,000) - click on the site 3-4 times a day
for a week - then wait to see what happens to that 1,000,000

Ignore the Alexa ranking. The only reason you have a good ranking is
because you have it installed.

End Quote

They say this Craig guy is what they call the google guy. Again, just
going by other posts. However, it would seem to me that the dispute
between yourself and Sam would be good for a forum. Even though you
may think Sam is crap, I would think it would be up to the reader to
decide. I think if someone says it is, then most will think it is
petty and comes from jealously. I'm not  saying this is so, but just
wanted to give you an insight from how someone could perceive your

However, you did bring up some good points. From reading your posts,
you seem much more open while Sam seems to be hiding. I think your
reference to our half brains not being able to find Sam's site is
better served by saying why should we have to play cat and mouse to
find Sam's site, not unless we have an invested interest in
maintaining a dispute with him. Sam, do us all a favor and come out
from  hiding or don't claim yourself king of the forum without showing
some bravery.

Well that is my thought. I think both Sam and David could and have
contributed to the forum. David may think Sam is all wet, but even if
Sam is wrong, it can be valuable in learning what needs to be learnt.
From my minimum experience, I find that most of this stuff is trial
and error. So learning from your own or someone else mistakes may be
as valuable as the guru of SEO. By the way, David, congratulations on
your success.

The above is not expressing any dislike or for that matter who is
right or wrong. Just calling it the way I see it.
Keep posting guys...we need you.

David (not seo dave–obviously).

Re: Another Amusing Thought......

david wrote:
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Do you really believe that alexa and alltheweb matter to google
listings? If Dave for real believes that then that should tell you
something about his seo ablilities. I've got him beat in his own serp
where he's not even listed yet. I've got 5 sites on page 1 of my serp so
let him blab all he wants to if it makes him feel important. We both
know (me and seo dave) who the better seo is. When I get to number 1 on
page 1 of his I will reveal my serp, my sites, real name and all about
me and that will finish daves talk once and for all and that time is
coming soon.

Re: Another Amusing Thought......

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I couldn't agree with Tin more on his post.  I came to the group to 'learn'
SEO so that I can help my cancer kids.  I didn't come here to get rich, so
maybe my opinion is slanted.  I have learned a lot here, but I still have a
lot to learn.  I had a feeling when this SEO contest started that it was
started for all the wrong reasons.  As adults, I would hope that no one here
is trying to play "king of the mountain".  As soon as you think you are on
top, Google will change the game rules and you will find yourself at the
bottom of the mountain, a little battered from the trip down.  And you will
be looking for info to help you get back up, most likely from those you are
belittling with now!

I would hope that everyone here could 'pool' their ideas on what works and
what doesn't work and help each other out.  After all, even if you have
competitive business sites, there is still enough WWW users to pass around
to keep everyone busy and wealthy.
Take Care,  Sharon Lane

Re: Another Amusing Thought......

Sharon wrote:
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  Would you like your site to be listed at your serp on page 1 number 1?
I could do that for you so fast your head would spin. I looked at your
site and know exactly what needs to be done. If you're interested email
me at
  Staying at this group and hoping to figure it out will take you
forever. I've already helped 2 people get to page one of their serp this
past month, one from this group and another from the google support
group. If you write to me include your url with the letter because I
didn't bookmark it. ~Sam

Re: Another Amusing Thought......

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That's the same silly tactics you tried to use with Mike:

Which site was "sent to oblivion " ?   And what keywords ?

/Martin Hagstrøm

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