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Some time back we announced the first public prototype of 6S, a peer
application for
social, distributed, adaptive Web search. Thanks to the feedback of
our early testers,
we have made many improvements and today we are launching v.0.3. We
invite you
to visit to download this latest version, or to
participate in a user
study by downloading a special version of the application that will
allow us to collect
anonymous usage statistics. If you are already participating in our
user study, we thank
you and invite you to upgrade. If you have not tried 6S before, now is
a good time to
join the new and improved community.

The 6S app, which runs on Windows, MacOSX, or Linux, will help you
create your
personal Web collection, search it, share it, and discover what others
have shared.
6S will build your collection with a single click, or you can
customize it by importing
your bookmarks, crawling the Web, or indexing pages and documents. You
can search
not only your personal collection, but also other 6S peers. When you
submit a query,
your 6S agent will determine which peers are best suited to answer it
based on
previous interactions. Your 6S agent will also learn from the results
it receives,
so that it can continuously improve.

Go to to learn more, to download 6S, or to
participate in our
study. The new v.0.3 not only has a new look and feel, but also
several new
functionalities to make it more user-friendly, such as:

* Main control via a system tray icon (Windows) or menu icon (MacOSX)
* Runs in the background without having to keep an application window
* Online/offline status to temporarily disconnect from the network
* One-click index construction from bookmarks and search history, and
automatic updating
* New Firefox extension to search the 6S community and to bookmark and
tag pages
* Network viewer providing a real time snapshot of the latest 6S
network activity
* New privacy settings consistent with published privacy policy

Please visit where you will find a link to an
informed consent form
if you wish to help us by participating in our user study. This study
has been approved
by Indiana University's Human Subjects Committee (Study # 06-11620).

For anyone who has already installed a previous version of 6S and
wishes to keep their
personal Web collection, you can find a patch file from the download
page. Please note
that you have to install the latest Firefox browser extension to
access the
network from your browser. The extension is bundled with the program
package, or can
be downloaded separately from the download page.

We are looking forward to your participation and your feedback, for
which we have
created a forum linked from . Thank you very much
for your
consideration, and happy 2008!

The 6S team

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