ANN: Product Scope 7.9 - Exciting New Software to Manage Product Information, Price Quotes...

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Product Scope 7.9 - Exciting New Software to Manage Product Information,
Price Quotes and More!

Product Scope 7.9 - Major Version Release! - August 25th 2009 /

Product Scope 7 provides a combination of tools for keeping track of
comparative product information, places to buy, manufacturers, product
images; located on the Internet and on local storage drives.

Version 7.9 - Updated features include - Product Scope 7 Clipboard - Easily
Copy Paste to other programs - Stay on Top of programs, Product Scope 7
Viewer - No registration required - View Data Files after trial period
ends! Multiple User Accounts! File search improvements, XP non-admin user
support AND More!

Spreadsheet Named Output - Select Excel Spreadsheet, HTML Document, or
ASCII Export, and it is saved to a named file and folder location -
Products or Vendors - each have a default filename. You can optionally
Launch the Associated Application as well.

* Database convenience for tracking product, manufacturer, and place to buy

* 30 Day Trial Version of ALL Features!

* Spreadsheet - Send product data and pricing with totals directly to

* Search All text fields including memos to find a particular Product or
Vendor FAST!

* File Search - Any file type, text within files, image preview, Copy,
Move, Launch!

* Imaging Tools - Image editor, Image Viewers

Product Scope 7.9 is a MAJOR change from previous installs - Previous
Product Scope 7 users (7.5.337 or earlier) need to use the conversion
program and follow the detailed instructions in the PDF, available at this
page. - - Product Scope
7.8.377 - Use FULL install or webupdate method (Check for updates - Start
Menu) to upgrade.

Getting Started Tutorial. Use this tutorial to get acquainted with the
general operation of Product Scope 7 and general use of the major features.

Product Scope 7 serves as a multi-purpose tool to display, create,
organize, and research Profile Exchanges. /

Profile Exchanges are collections of data with common themes, categories or
interests, designed to help you find information on the Internet more
quickly in an organized fashion.

Web Updating - Profile Exchanges

With the release of Product Scope 7 - we have introduced a new, easier to
use Update method to receive the latest product information for a
particular Profile Exchange - Web Updating. All of our profile exchanges
have been updated to this new method!

NEW Updated data is automatically downloaded to your computer with JUST a
few mouse clicks when a new updated data version is available!

* * Microsoft Excel is required to run Spreadsheet reports * *

About Encourager Software

Encourager Software based in Lakeland, Florida,
USA is a leading provider of Comparison Shopping, Report Creation and
Profile Exchange Software. Encourager Software provides EZChangeLog
Reporter to Business departments and Information Technology divisions.

Contact Information

David Troxell - Marketing 863-619-2209

Encourager Software
PO Box 1060
Highland City, FL 33846-1060

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