ANN: EZChangeLog Reporter - Spreadsheet Reporter for EZChangeLog Professional

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EZChangeLog Reporter - Spreadsheet Reporter for EZChangeLog Professional

The main features of EZChangeLog Reporter add additional report and data
query capabilities, including output to spreadsheet for EZChangeLog
Professional data files.

* * EZChangeLog Reporter * *

LANSRAD - EZChangeLog Pro Edition is an amazingly productive tool for any
busy developer! /

* Change Log - keep a journal of changes (Version History) to your project
* Bug Tracker - an easy way to log problems AND email update your clients
with status! * ToDo List - Notate miscellaneous tasks related to your
project! * Feature Requests - a way to track requests for enhancements -
new features for the project AND email update your clients with status! *
Project Ideas - Organize your own ideas! * Project Planner - a multipurpose
tool that can be used to organize groups of related tasks and items.

EZChangeLog Reporter can ALSO create spreadsheet reports for the Change Log
entries of the standard edition (Free) of EZChangeLog as well.

EZChangeLog Reporter - READS ONLY - the EZChangeLog PRO data files and
creates custom Spreadsheet reports!

USE EZChangeLog Professional to input your data - then use EZChangeLog
Reporter to - retrieve certain data, create more complex queries - custom
sorts - easily copy information stored in ALL the PRO features - AND create
unlimited Spreadsheet reports!

For each EZChangeLog feature -

Choose only the fields you need, customize the field view, the records you
desire, and sort the output for a customized Spreadsheet report.

* * Microsoft Excel is required to run reports * *

One of our beta testers had this to say:

Written July 18 2009

"I have been using a  beta copy of EZChangeLog Reporter for the last few
weeks and working closely with David to help develop certain features.

From my own perspective, my requirement was to be able to provide my
clients with a very quick way of extracting the work in progress from
EZChangeLog and be able to present that either on my website or in an

EZChangeLog Reporter just does that. By integrating with the data direct in
EZChangeLog I can now, at the press of about 3 buttons (having saved my
queries) provide all the information required to keep my clients informed
not only of any changes and additions I have made to my product but also
optionally provide them with a list of work in progress in any area that
EZChangeLog is recording.
I am aware that there is more to come with this product but from my own
personal perspective I am very grateful to David for helping develop
EZChangeLog Reporter to a point where I can achieve all of my objectives
both quickly and easily.
I would personally recommend this as an essential add on to anyone using
the Professional edition of EZChangeLog.
Thank you David
John Fligg
Ambrit Software - /"

While the main output is to Excel Spreadsheet format -

These additional formats are available as well - HTML Document or ASCII
Export (csv) - HTML output is very basic and no customization is available.

Spreadsheet, Query and View features are included:

Spreadsheet Reports allow you to...

Use a simple, intuitive interface to quickly create and save an unlimited
number of spreadsheet layouts which may be dynamically populated with data
at any time.

Select from an existing sort or create your own sorting on up to four

Publish web documents (in lieu of spreadsheet files) using the common
spreadsheet layouts.

Create ASCII export files (in lieu of spreadsheet files) using the common
spreadsheet layouts.

Dynamically populate customized spreadsheets for editing in the Excel
Workbook Designer.

Optionally create spreadsheets, web pages or export files representing the
current list box.

* Queries *

Build queries to selectively view EZChangeLog records at browse windows or
selectively print records in spreadsheets. As you build the queries, the
Query Tool will guide you through the process window by window.

* Views *

Use an intuitive interface to quickly create and save a variety of custom
list box (browse) formats with optional sort orders for use with Browses
AND help prepare Spreadsheet Layouts!


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