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Watch out when you equate a race with a behavior.  This is by many
people's defintion of racism .  I never said anything about
prositution or sex slavery ,just Russian, that was your own views.
Please show me exactly where I mentioned the things you talk about.
Use the exact words I used to promote this.  I am Russian and take
offense. for example is the largest site for
Russians.  Like   Watch your your mouth.  It was very wrong
and offensive.  Why anyone would use your service after such clearly
wrong statements I do not know.  You own people an "I am very sorry".
What if you were Russian, how would you feel if someone made such
statements as you did?  have you ever been to Russia?  Ukraine?  I do
not think so.

Re: andrew heenan

To everyone else on this group I am sorry for replying in this way, I
do not mind when people make fun.  But I do mind statements that are
close to racist.  Can I report this to google and let them determine
if Andrew's statements were racist?  I only take offense because this
is my nationality.  What if someone were to make a statement equating
your backgrounds women, mother, sisters, to sex slaves?

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