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Hey let's start a new isp and search engine called America Off Line and
beat Bill Gates to the punch! Analog service would be free and only dsl
and high speed access would cost money.

Search results would be listed in alphabetical order and rotate 24 hours
a day so that everybody has their 15 minutes of fame and that would also
reduce a lot of spam. Of course we'd still have to figure out a way to
stop the giant companies from buying thousands of url's but at least it
would be a start in the right direction. And of course listing your url
would be free always in the new AOL2 (we'd have to add that 2 or get
sued I'm afraid even though we'd be the off Line brand.

Remember all those Mickey Rooney Judy Garland films where they would say
"Hey let's put on a show!" Well that's the idea od this only we're
saying "Let's start a new isp and search engine!"

Hey about it kids!? Forget trading links, that's child's play and
Google's game. Let's start our new game with fairer rules and one that
benefits the many rather than the few.

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Not all sites deserve 15 minutes of fame. That's why the algos work
relatively well.
I'm happy with google.... and I don't have a problem with AOL

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Brothermark wrote:
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But if your site didn't get higher listing I'm sure you'd like the 15
minutes of fame idea. Most people can't get their sites listed high up
on google like you and I can and I'm thinking of them not you and me.

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Ah, I think you mean the Cliff Richard movies where inevitably Cliff
would at some stage say "We can do the show right here!".


Re: America Off Line

On 14/10/03 14:44, Sam wrote:
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That's a funny idea, but I hope you aren't serious about it.

The main problem was (and perhaps still is) Google's incredibly silly
idea of links being "votes" for a page. So the solution is simply to
ignore links when calculating page rank and consider only on-page factors.

It's interesting to note, by the way, how Google describes PageRank as
"democratic", and how it turned out to be a miserable failure, with the
whole system being hijacked by greedy business types and cheaters. Might
tell us something about democracy in general.


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