Almost 550 search engines.

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I'd just like to know whether this site is good or not.

It contains direct links to almost 550 categorised search engines, and
offers the possibility to pass search keywords directly to the
selected engine.

Any feedback is appreciated.


Re: Almost 550 search engines.

MetaCazar wrote:

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Not sure I understand the concept really but what I do know is that you
don't to get high listings in 550 SEs. Why? Because people only use google,
yahoo and msn really.

Focus on those and leave the other 547 alone.
But maybe I missed the point of the site, I dunno

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Re: Almost 550 search engines.

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Provincialism!.  You ignore a significant part of the world with this

I may be taking on a client from South America.  His market will be pretty
much everywhere but North America.

Would you still advise me to focus on the big three only?  What I know is he
has to rank well for Asia, South Africa, much of Europe, and select markets
in Asia and Australia/New Zealand.  There are many small directories and
SE's that recieve traffic in those areas.

John Merrell
Gateway Farm Alpacas

Re: Almost 550 search engines.

Thanks for bringing this up John!

Do you have any advice you can share with the rest of us regarding the
importance of "localized" SE's from your experience?

I hear Google talk about it allot now but for the folks I know in Germany,
France, the US, the Philippines and the UK, they all use the International
engines almost exclusively.  Could that be because the marketing of those
more localized engines is lacking or has not reached fruition?

Localized search could blow SEO wide open in that no one company can be
expert at all small, localized engines/locals. It is interesting to grow up
seeing search as the killer app that brought the world together but as it
grows it acutaly segments back into regions to provide a greater degree of
personalization to the local/client.

As this occurs, I see many smaller "boutique" type SEO's and local
webmasters picking up the slack and providing added value for local client,
depending upon region.  the more successful would rise to the top and some
level of conglomeration would begin.  However, due to the nature of
"localized" services and the depth and richness of understanding necessary
to properly market to and reach these local markets, those larger
"conglomerates" would need to provide distributed management such that the
company would 'centralize" their infrastructure and profit models to the
extent possible, while allowing for the autonomy that would be necessary to
maintain a competitive "local" edge.

This represents an interesting opportunity/challenge for those of us who
compete internationally at the moment.  With clients in several major
countries, this issue always arises.  Since we are located here in the US
with a branch office in the Philippines, how can we ensure competitiveness
for the foreseeable future when we don't even live there nor do we have an
adequate read on the local customs and communities.

As stated, we live in a great big world and with each passing day, I see
more instances of life foreign to me :-).  Not good or bad necessarily, just
different.  As our corporation grows, we must address "localization" to the
extent that is necessary to not fall behind the eight ball to a point where
our competitors move into our regions and absorb the benefit we have sought
to build and increase.  By the same token, we must remotely assess, on a
case-by-case basis, how the local search community is shaping up and what
moves we need to make today and in the near future to enhance the business
profitability of those customers to the degree that we become the supplier
of choice.

Things are about to get very interesting!

James Taylor - SEO, Web Development and Hosting -FREE SEO TOOLS

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Re: Almost 550 search engines.

this is a page with about 200 search engines :

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