All SEO Is Black Hat

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There's no such thing as White Hat SEO. Anytime you create a website
with google page ranking in mind you're SEO'ing your site and all SEO is
Black Hat, there is no such thing as White Hat SEO, just varying degrees
of black hat seo. I don't care if you're using a simple h1 page header,
or using your keywords for your anchor text link to your target page, or
a hypenated domain name that uses your keywords it's all black hat seo
when you do that. If you don't think so and act like a goody two shoes
simply because you've chosen a lighter lesser degree of black hat seo
for your site you're not fooling anybody but yourself if you think you
are white hat.

The closest thing to white hat seo is not doing seo at all and instead
not even thinking about seo or google page ranking when you create a
website. You should be doing a website with only your own creative
process and audience in mind and nothing else if you truly want to be a
white hat seo which really is a contradiction in terms. You shouldn't
even care where your site winds up in google or yahoo ect.

Now for the rest of us making a living from our websites and selling
products and services online, page ranking at google and yahoo are the
only thing that count and we, you, me should be doing everything in our
power to compete no matter what that takes because if we don't we won't
be able to make a decent living from it and making a living from it is
what it's all about. If that takes mega black hat seo so be it and be
happy and content that the opporatunity to use black hat seo even

For all you goody two shoes out there my reccomendation is if you can't
handle black hat seo and your conscience bothers you then stick to a
simple free hosted angelfire or geocities website. In other words if you
can't handle the fire stay out of the online seo kitchen.

But as far as I'm concerned someone who uses even a simple h1 header
soley for the purpose of better page rank is as much a black hat seo as
someone who spams guestbooks and blog comments only maybe to a lesser
degree of it. We're all pirates and bandits on the high seas here, only
the successful pirates are stealing everything in sight and the
unsuccessful pirates are only stealing a small amount and then patting
themselves on the back and saying we're not really pirates because we
steal small. HUMBUG! The hell you ain't!

Goody Two Shoes webmasters make me want to puke! Pirates the lot of you!
Just like us.

Re: All SEO Is Black Hat

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Sounds like you are trying to justify your black hat stuff :-D.


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Re: All SEO Is Black Hat

__/ [ John Bokma ] on Saturday 08 July 2006 19:07 \__

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Just stay out of our guestbooks, you darned spammer!

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Re: All SEO Is Black Hat

Sam schreef:
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Jepp, even a engineer just puts some pieces toghether and calls it a car.


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Not even close to you.

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Re: All SEO Is Black Hat

Sam wrote:

"Aye Aye matey and there is a Captn' o' this here ship. You better be
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Now, tell the group how much better that feels Sam.


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Re: All SEO Is Black Hat

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We stop when he turns red or wait for blue and the funny sounds? :-D

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Re: All SEO Is Black Hat

John Bokma wrote:
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Red! No No no nothing quite that elegant a shade. Now blue. That's a
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Sam?? Saaaam? SAAAMMMM?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Shit. Somebody overdid. I suppose we can assume it was someone huge and  


Re: All SEO Is Black Hat


all commercial and public data works better if it's SEO'ed
& no - you're not black hat if you tag your data properly

it's your responsibility as a content developer to make your pages more
accessible to the public by adding the tags that search engines need to

indexed data is always easier to use
only a fool would ignore SEO for a commercial or public content web

- Brett (

Re: All SEO Is Black Hat

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I totally disagree.  I interpret SEO as ensuring search engines can
efficiently index and "understand" the content of my site.  Your H1 example
comes in here.  H1 allows me to tell the engine what it's about in a more
structured fashion.  It's purely more effiecient for the search engine.
Backlinks are Marketing, not SEO, even though they are often put into the
same boat.  Black Hat SEO is about tricking a search engine into thinking
your page is something it isn't (including popular).  The two are completely

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