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hey guys and gals!

Is the 'site info' part of reliable. If I do a search on say
'speed trials' the third page result gets over 1 million visitors, is this
information correct?

SpeedTrialUSA Official Site
Road Race Events. Enter. Copyright 1998-03 SpeedTrialUSA. Warning:
Motorsports is a dangerous sport. ...  Cached - Site info

also does the speed of a site effect its rank? the above site is deemed as
slow (30th percentile - whatever that means?)
thanks all!

Re: + Site Info - reliable?

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What it means is they are ranked as the 1 millionth most visited site
by those who have the Alexa toolbar (a very biased sample).

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Does not affect ranking, but may annoy visitors is its slow.


Re: + Site Info - reliable?

Its a gauge but it really isn't very accuratel.  It seems to meaure the
amount of pages visited by people who are using the alexa menubar.

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Re: + Site Info - reliable?


I recently checked out my site and it's results fluctuate
significantly. The average puts my main site at around 30,000 most
popular site, but there are spikes as high as the 20,000 most popular

I check my logs almost daily and though they fluctuate between around
4700 visitors and 5400 unique visitors a day I don't think it would
account for this type of extreme fluctuation.

This suggests to me the number of people who have installed the
toolbar is relatively small, so if by chance you get an extra 10% of
those accessing your site have the toolbar it's going to seem like
you've have a large traffic spike.

That said it's an interesting tool for looking at your competitors
info. Other than the really big names in Lingerie I'm blowing my
competition away based on Alexa results :-))

Apparently my site get the same amount of traffic (their average is a
little higher) as Anne Summers does, which can't be bad considering
all the offline advertising and natural links they have and my site has no offline advertising.

I feel very positive about my future :-)))))

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On Fri, 7 Nov 2003 23:16:52 -0500, "Expert Who Says Moo"

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Re: + Site Info - reliable?

Because so few users have the Alexa Toolbar installed, you can move
your ranking wildly just by installing the toolbar and keeping it
running while you work on your own pages online.

(This won't help, of course, if you maintain a proper development

The ranking on one of my sites moves from 1.2M to 600k in about two
weeks doing this.


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