Aggregating many sites into one site

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When I was young and naive, I started many sites, one for each general
topic I wanted to cover. But all related to my theme of languages.  I
should have created one mega site.

My question is: is there a way or is it even good for seo?  to
collapse all my domains into one, that is make google treat all my
domains as one? does this make sense?

For example

I have / / /

maybe I could collapse it under this domain: (stong site)
 or (weak site)

where all the pr flows to the main site and then distributed in a more
logical less chaotic way.

I know with 301 people use and is accepted but I do no like any
redirects unless really really needed.

I have learned a lot and and can not go back.  I have a about a dozen
language sites that are mostly pr4s and get good traffic - my main one
4000 a day and my others about 400 a day.

Is there a google accepted solution or should I just let things be?

Thanks! Mark

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