adwords.....need help

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I have hreard that quite a few people who have  used adwords have lost
all their money and they have gotten ZERO returns.

I am wondering if a lot of people are is the same boat ie having used a
bunch of money using Adwords,

Are there any other advertizing options to Adwords which yield better
results ?

Pls let me know.


Re: adwords.....need help

__/ [ anna ] on Wednesday 29 March 2006 07:58 \__

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I have _not used AdWords_, *but* any experience I ever hear about is a bad
one. I could link to a few examples which have been proclaimed in public and
you could also search UseNet for one of the many past threads on the topic.
From what I hear ,Yahoo pay just a pittance to sites that use them for
advertisement. Perhaps, just perhaps, this means that Overture is less about
spending and more about performance. They are a minor victims to fraud as
well, owing to size.

In general, all the advertisement hype seems to make nobody happy, apart from
the middleman (and tax). People constantly nag about AdSense income, with
very rare success stories where one is able to make a living out of them.
Such stories often involve some of the Net's most popular sites (top 1000)
and maybe fraudulent sites that use unoriginal/organic content to entice
placement of (very) high-paying ads.

Hope it helps,


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Re: adwords.....need help

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The web sites in my care are either more than three years old or are less
than 3 months old.

Since the Google SandBox ( and it's lengthy after effect ) became a new web
site's reality, I have set small budgets for AdWords campaigns. The plan is
to run these until the web sites appear in the results pages for their
primary keyphrases. I don't really see any other alternative when dealing
with new web sites. These web sites reach the top ranks in Yahoo and MSN
almost immediately, but not Google.

I gave up on Yahoo PPC about a month ago after discovering that 50% of my
traffic from their sponsored results were coming to the web site for less
than half a second. I couldn't believe that these "visitors" were actual
human beings who had spend a moment to read the title and description,
clicked through and then decided that it was a mistake in such a rapid time

I am a slightly more satisfied with AdWords than Yahoo, but not much. I
think the "visitors" are more genuine but I am not seeing much of an a ROI

Conclusion : Sponsored ads are increasingly having a negligible effect as a
web site promotion strategy but during a web site's infancy are slightly

in best regards,
( ethical SEO issues and basic search engine marketing stuff )

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