Adwords causes slipping down the natural rankings ?

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Hi All,
I've been chewing on this question for a while. My customer has been
advertising outdoor products for several months since the site went live.
They have also been on the Google Adwords campaign for most of that time as
they wanted immediate visibility.

I am undecided as to why they do not appear anywhere in the natural results,
even though the pages are optimised. (My other customers have good rankings
who do not use adwords). Plus, it's not a competitive market they are in.

Plus, the other question is - if other search engines, e.g. MSN etc. "see"
that someone is using adwords, I wonder if they also score people down the
results, as the same seems true of these ?

What do you guys \ girls think ? I would welcome any feedback from anyone
that has the same conundrum.

Many thanks and Regards,

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