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I used to be webmaster for the British Go Association (Go is a board
game).  I am now webmaster for the British Skat Association (skat is a
card game).  Both sites list the results of the tournaments held by
these associations, with the names of all the players.

I get occasional complaints from people listed on these tournament
results pages.  They say that once, when they used Google or another SE
to search for their own name, they found their home page, their CV, or
one of their academic papers;  but now, thanks to my efforts, the first
SE hits are to the pages I have written;  and these are not want they
want people to find first.

So, is there a way to get these tournament result pages downgraded?  I
know that I could use robots.txt to exclude them altogether, but I don't
want to do that, I just want them given a lower priority.  For instance, has a Google
PageRank of 3, and has 4. This
is more than necessary.  Is there a sensible way to reduce it?  Or
better, to transfer some of it to somewhere else?

The best idea I have come up with is to mangle the names, so that
instead of me being listed as
Nick Wedd
I would be
<script TYPE="text/javascript">
document.write( "Nick W" );
document.write( "edd" );
But this is clumsy.  Does someone here have a better idea?

Nick Wedd

Re: advice sought

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Referring to as an example.

The way you include peoples names in the link anchor text when pointing at
another page is the reason why Google very strongly emphasises their names
in respect of the target page listings.

"Full results, as Excel spreadsheet, thanks to PPHair" all included as link
anchor text is not helpful to Google at all.  The words Excel, spreadsheet,
thanks and PPHair would be better left out.
Very much better would be anchor text  "Rising Sun Synchron Scat - Full
results Jan 2005"  This would store these words into Google database as
being very relevent to the target page and much better help people looking
for "scat results at the rising sun" "scat results jan 2005" etc.

Whenever you put a text link to a target page think carefully about the
anchor text words you use and consider them as giant bold heading words
being stuck at the top of the content of the target page.  This is how
Google thinks of it.  Try to make the link anchor text words the same or
very similar to the real content keywords of the target page.

I like your "Tartan generator", well done.

Best regards, Eric.

Re: advice sought

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Thank you for these explanations, they are very helpful.

I wonder if you can explain something else that is puzzling me.

Rhubarb the Clown has a web site at /. A
couple of weeks ago, a Google search for "Rhubarb the Clown" did not
find this site at all, among its 800 hits.  I tried to help Rhubarb in
two ways.  I changed his web site a little, removing some keyword
repetition in the metatags, and putting the words "Rhubarb" and "Clown"
in bold where they occurred.  Also, I added a link to his site from my
home page, .

This had the effect of raising his site from nowhere to third on a
Google for "Rhubarb the Clown" search, while placing my home page first
on the same search.  Of course Rhubarb is pleased about the first
effect, while we are both rather puzzled about the second.

Now both have slipped on this search, my home page from 1st to 3rd, and
Rhubarb's own page from 3rd to 15th.

Of course, what Rhubarb and I both want is that people looking for
"Rhubarb the Clown" find his site, and not mine.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Thank you  :-)

I had almost forgotten about it.  Looking over it, I found a few errors
in the help page, which I have now corrected.

Best regards,
Nick Wedd

Re: advice sought


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Then you need a few more IBL's on his site with Rhubarb the Clown as
the anchor text.


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Re: advice sought

Nick Wedd wrote:
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There are a couple of minor changes you might make that should help
out.  You simply need some inbound links, so get some on some of the
free directories.  For a time saving list, go to:

Any other inbound links with Rhubarb the Clown in the anchor text from
any other sites would be useful.

Also, if you were to make a minor change to your internal links, it
should help and won't hurt.  Change the home page link on every page from:

<a href="index.shtml">Home</a>


Home Page for <a href=" /">Rhubarb
         the Clown</a>

Add this to your header image:

<a href=" /"><img
src="images/index_header.gif" alt="Rhubarb the Clown"></a>

It wouldn't hurt to validate the index page too - /.  There is a character encoding issue that
you should deal with.  Try adding this to the first line of the source
code (above <html>):
<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN"
" ">

Then run the validator again and fix the problems it uncovers.

These changes would not take long to implement and you should see
results from that - the serp is not all that competitive.


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