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Sorry to go on about dropping sites but my daughters site disappeared from
Google last week I re submitted it and it came back to No4 on the first page
when "Yoga Stockport" was searched. I have altered the title a bit and re
submitted but will it stay there if it comes back?

Could someone have a look at my daughters site and advise on how to stay on
Google and not fall foul of the new filters.
Any help would be most appreciated

Re: advice please

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Hi Rick,

Google doesn't appear to be listing the URL you gave us, but it does
list one pointing to it.

Or, as Google tells me:

" Your browser does not support frames."

Since Google is currently only listing, it would be a
very good idea to change the settings of that domain to redirect without
frames masking. That'll annoy Google less and get your other URL listed.

Your keyword usage is very weak. You mention the words Yoga, Stockport,
and Manchester on your main page, which is a start, but you need to get
more in.


Yoga lessons in Stockport and Manchester

Mary is a qualified Yoga teacher who works primarily in Stockport and

Mary teaches Yoga techniques at various venues between Stockport and
Manchester, a list of which you can find on our "Classes" page.

Mary has introduced the art of Yoga to hundreds (insert figure yourself)
of satisfied customers living in both Stockport and Manchester, who all
say they have benefited greatly from having Yoga in their lives.

If you're interested in finding out more about Yoga, and you live in
Stockport or Manchester, or thereabouts, why not get in touch? Click
here to email Mary with regards to Yoga lessons.

That's perhaps a tad excessive, but you get the idea. Your primary
keywords should be Yoga, Stockport, and Manchester.

Googlebot can't see the lovely pictures of Mary (it's loss) so you'll
need to be a little more descriptive for it. Make sure to add alt tags
to all your images.

Example: alt="Mary demonstrating Yoga position". Can't imagine any bot
not wanting to list that page.

Good luck with it.

Daniel Ruscoe

Re: advice please

TrickyD wrote:
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At this moment in time I wouldn't worry about it. Although some people
are saying the google dance has ended my sites are still experiencing
fluctuations like dropping off the list then appearing again and the
page ranks on half my sites are still jumping all over the place (one
site in particular is jumping from 3 to 6). Two of my main sites are
staying at PR6 85% of the time now and that was 25% last week so to me
it looks like it's coming to end but not quite over just yet.

If last week was the first time you had submitted the site then
certainly don't panic. You'll come and go for a few weeks while it adds
your site to all databases and is normal.


Simon Day
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Re: advice please

Search engine spiders follow links. To keep the site indexed and more
readily available for re indexing it is a good idea to build a linking

aaron wall

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Re: advice please

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You might add Manchester to the title if you want to be found by it.

I noticed you had it on both the decription and the content.

Tim /

Re: advice please

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The site has been live for about a year and listed on Google at about No4
with no problems. Ok it won't break any records but it was only ever
intended to reach a local audience.
I used to have a load of keywords in but cut most out when the site was
Will repeated submisions and getting dropped again get the site blacklisted?

Re: advice please

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Hello TirckyD,

New to the posts but long time designer/SEO warrior. Repeated
submissions to Google are not necessary if your site is properly done
for their spiders. Submitting every couple months if your receiving
bad results won't get you black listed, just don't Spam them After a
brief review of your site I would recommend some home page content
about your web site. It doesn't have a lot for the spiders to look at.
Second I would take a look at our Meta tag-building article at to help with your Meta tags. Your
title is a little short and your description has keyword format when
it should be a descriptive sentence. I would also mirror your
description in your home page body content to give density. Hope this

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