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Just seeking some advice.... I am moving my site onto a dedicated server and
thought I might at the same time take the chance to change my domain from a address to a .net one. (At the moment the .net address is just parked
and re-directs to the main page of the site)

Problem is my domain is highly ranked on Google in particular, not
just the main page but each individual page (there are around 900 pages in
total) whereas the .net domain is unknown.

I suppose I could re-direct each page to its .net equivalent? That
would be a job and a half but would it work? Also the .net address has no
incoming links, the other must have at least 600.

Is there a simple solution or should I just stick with the domain?
Any advice would be appreciated.


Re: Advice on domain change

My opinion is why change it to the .net one ?
If the is running well then what need is there to change it ? as long
as the .net one forwards to your own site then its not a problem.

If you were to run two sites alongside each other then both may not rank
very well as all the new links would go to .net and all the old links would
still be with so instead of having 600 links to you might only
end up with 300 to each.

I definitely wouldnt recommend forwarding all of the pages to the
.net unless your prepared to take a big dip in rankings for around 6 months
as your pages will drop out of the index and the new pages will take
a long time to get picked up with all the new links.

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Re: Advice on domain change

look closely at the homepage of
Hover your mouse over the links and look at the destination urls.

They all point to their new domain

so the front page of your domain could just contain links to the
internal pages of your new .net domain.

i'm newbis so take with pinch of salt

Re: Advice on domain change

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I wouldn't have thought t e people that come to your site  necessarily
come because of a extension. They presumably do a search for a
keyword or phrase and click the links that are given to them. I know I
personally don't notice what extension the site is, if it gets served
up as a result to my search I look.


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