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I wanted to collect all the words begining with "biblio" i.e. "biblio
words" and I google it and found a lot. But I know that it is more than
I found, So I wanted to see if Google had a system like wildcards in
MS-DOS or not; for example I type "biblio*" and it gave me the resuls
"bibliomania", "bibliophobia", "bibliokleptomania", "bibliography",
etc. But it did'nt work. I saw the Help of Google and I found nothing
on it. Now I ask anyone in this group who can tell me about, not just
for this biblio- but for any other searching like this. Thank you all.

Re: advanced search

     Bad news.  Google is organized internally by hash values of
particular words.  Whereas in MS-DOS or another (small scale) system
can just search a directory and compare strings to regular expressions,
Google would have to iterate over every word in its database.
     I'm not sure what to tell you, except that someone in this
newsgroup may well prove me wrong.  Alternatively, you could Google
"search engines that allow wildcards/regular expressions" or something
similar, and use what comes up there.
     Or you could build your own web crawler to search online
dictionaries (tell it to crawl sites with lots of different words, or
words followed by colons or something), then build your own search
program to search the data it gathers.
     Knowing my luck someone will prove me completely incorrect soon,
so wait a while before starting to design that program.  Good luck!

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