Adsense strategy question

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I am new to adsense.  I make a pittance.  I see alot written on
adsense income all over the web and it is hard to seperate the wheat
from the chaff.

Is it better to have 1 site and write a lot of content on that site or
have 10 sites and write a little on those 10 sites.  For example.  If
I have one site making 1 dollar a day and I have a good amount of
content but still a baseline of 1 dollar a day; why not have 10 sites
where I would make 1 dollar a day or 10 dollars a day? Is this a
successful strategy?  Do professional adsense bloggers run 10 to 20
sites or is it better to have just one?   I think the former, its just

Thank you.

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