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Hi everyone,

I wanted to discuss some of my observations here to see if anyone else
experiences something similar.

OK, so I have a site that's mainly devoted to
telecom cabling, although amongst the few thousand pages there are quite a
few that deviate from the main theme, with info about phone systems, network
switches, services and so on. The AdSense ads that normally show across the
site are  only relevant to the home page (PR5) , i.e. all the ads are about
cabling. I don't like that, but I can at least explain that. I do not like
it because there has not been a new ad about cabling in couple months, and
people just stop clicking as they've already been there or the ad looks too

However, what totally puzzles me is this:

Once in a blue moon (couple times a month) the AdSense ads suddenly become
extremely sensitive to the actual page content. They become extremely
intelligent and relevant to the subject, and they even show different ads
for pages that talk about, say, phone systems by different manufacturers.
For those one or two days that it happens the site looks great and the
clicks increase significantly. Just before I get too excited about it, the
AdSense ads all of the sudden become again dull and boring, and only
relevant the home page.

When this happens, there is normally no content change on the site, no pages
added/edited except for couple messages posted in the forum area.

Has anyone else experienced this? What is it, bug or feature of AdSense. I
guess, the biggest question would be if I can make anything to help them
stay extremely relevant and on-topic.

Any help, suggestion, bit of info will be greatly appreciated!

Dmitri Abaimov, RCDD
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Re: AdSense relevance

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Login to AdSense and use the Contact link and send them the content of your
post in your e-mail.  They are good about responding to and addressing such
problems and they'll probably have a fix for your site within a week.

M_P / / /

Re: AdSense relevance

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That's a great suggestion, M_P. I have just done that. Hopefully they will
come back to me with something worth posting in this group, so I will follow

Dmitriy Abaimov, RCDD
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