Adsense: Good Content Vs Bad Content

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I had a discussion recently with someone about Adsense income, and
Reading on the net, I learned that good content gives good adsense
income. However, this other person claimed that bad content (given the
same amount of visitors) would create better adsense income, since
your visitors would not be satisfied with the information, and click
on the ads to look for more info.
What do you think?

Thanks ;-)


Re: Adsense: Good Content Vs Bad Content

"Borniet" wrote ...
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One way to look at Adsense is as 'Departure Fee'  - everyone has to leave
sometime, and they might as well pay you to do so!

There are many millions of websites set up to do as you suggest - provide
pure cr*p content, and claim the fee as people move on.

So it can work, to some extent.

The 'downside' is that as people increasingly understand web advertising,
they'll be motivated to use other means of escape - even with the back
button disabled, which infuriates all decent people). And they'll learn that
ads on cr*p sites only go to yet more cr*p sites.

So while it can work, I believe that quality sites work better; websavvy
folk will be happy to pay you exit tax by clicking on your ads, knowing that
a good content site attracts appropriate ads, with at least a chance of a
good destination.

Plus quality sites get repeat visitors, bookmarks and links.

You choose!

And please note I've not even hinted at the morality of knowingly publishing
cr*p  ;o)

Andrew / /
First things first - but not necessarily in that order.

Re: Adsense: Good Content Vs Bad Content

Borniet wrote:
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I think they are more likely to click their Back button. Or use some
other form of navigation that will take them somewhere where they know
where they are going.

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