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I have a PR7 Russian/English translation site.  This site comes up number
1-5 for all major search terms in all major search engines. I am reading
about the AdSense program and thinking of possibly getting into it.  The
only question I still have is this: Google will be placing "relevant ads" on
my site, so I will be, in fact, sending my hard earned visitors straight to
my competitors.  Am I gaining or rather losing here, I wonder?..

Re: AdSense and Competitors

Mark Shell wrote:
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You can provide a list of domains that you don't want ads placed for.
Easier said than done, in my experience.


Re: AdSense and Competitors

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I have a couple of relatively popular sites, a PR7
and a PR6 I run adsense on both. I find that most ads
are, in fact, NOT for my competitors in the narrow sense of the
word. They are for sellers of algebra software, tutoring companies,
etc. I do not consider them to be my competitors, as such. My
competitors are other algebra help websites.

Your experience may be similar. You may find that you are running ads
for Russian tour companies, sellers of language books, language
courses etc.

In fact, I am now thinking of adding freedict stuff to my site


Re: AdSense and Competitors

Thanks Igor.  BTW, I was trying to contact you before with an offer to
exchange our PR7 highly relevant links, but couldn't find your e-mail
address on your site.  If you are interested, could you
pls drop me an e-mail using "admin at".  Thx.

Re: AdSense and Competitors

Mark Shell wrote:

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That's a very good point, but I think it greatly depends on where and how
you place the adverts.

If your main query page contains words like "Russian" and "Translation"
several times, adverts to accompany that page are likely to be competitors.
If, however, you place AdSense in the results page, then the keywords
identified will vary. If somebody looks for Poodles, then perhaps adverts
will correspond to dogs. Make sure you know which keywords will dominate.
Test it.


Roy S. Schestowitz

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