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Re: Addressing Google Disaster.......

On Sun, 23 Nov 2003 06:04:04 +0000, SEO Dave

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The sites that I got high rankings for say a year ago and more are
unaffected. The two new sites I've done recently are the ones
bizarrely affected.


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Re: Addressing Google Disaster.......

Sam wrote:
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Google are obviously doing some stuff to commercialize their search
engine and this is having some bizarre side effects on their index.  I
noticed today it looked like a copy of MSN's search engine with
sponsored links occupying the top slots.

Google is obviously the weakest link in many sites efforts to monetize
their work and investment.  I'm glad I run a non-commercial site.

Re: Addressing Google Disaster.......

David Off wrote:
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What happened with google is they got rid of two of their data centers
and replaced them with 3 new data centers. this is what caused the
computer glitch we are experiencing right now. It will work itself out
in the next few months but in the meantime lots of people, including
myself got screwed over. I don't know why they made those data center
changes but I can only semise it had something to do with being able to
do faster updates of the index, and perhaps dealing better with spam and
irrelevent results showing up. After going through this let's just hope
it works at least.


Funny thought but after looking at the subject title I used for this
post it suddenly reminded me of a Honeymooners episode, the one where
Ralph has to learn to play golf and Norton tells him to address the ball
by saying "HELLO BALL!". So I guess we all need to address google the
same way HELLO GOOGLE!

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