According to my calculations...

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The PR Formula I got from Google Hacks by Oreilly is close to this...

PR = .15 + .85 ( PRFromLinkPage1/numoutboundlinks + ... +

I've worked hard at bringing in links.  According to my calculations -
from my inbound links which don't show up on google as inbound links
just yet but they are in place, I should have a PR of 7.25. (several
inbound 6's and 5's, a few 4's about 7 3's and hundreds or thousands of
0's.  As of a few days ago, I have a PR of 2.

1) is this formula still relatively accurate?

2) about how long will it take for PR to show up?

3) should I be dividing by number of outbound links (meaning out of
domain) or number of href tags on the page (internal or external)?

Also...  If this formula works - it would seem a good strategy to build
up a few other web sites ASAP so that I can self-generate PR in the future.


Re: According to my calculations...

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My guess at the formula is that each link gives page points to the
destination page based on the originating page's points divided by the
number of outgoing links on that page, moderated by a damping factor.  Note
my use of the expression "page points".  You can't just divide or add PR
number directly, you need to anti-log first, possibly to base 8 or
thereabouts, and convert to page points, like so:  PR=0 means 1 page point,
PR=2 means 8 page points, PR=3 means 64 page points, PR=4 means 512 page
points etc
If you build a star or pyramid web page structure, with say 70 pages, the
top node page should become PR=3 after say 3 months, assuming no incoming
links to the structure.
Best regards, Eric.

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