Accessing serious references on a subject

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With the explosion of tools for connecting to the Web like FaceBook, Twitter
and junk-food-outlet-type interest groups set up by manufacturers of various
products, several browsers of the web, register their views  (mostly in a
sentence or two full of adjectives for a given topic) on the web-page of
some product or one of those junk-food-outlet-type groups. While searching
for serious references on a given subject, if one restricts one's search
with just two or three words, the supposed-to-be search engines like Google
list pages of the trivial comments of browsers and commercial details of the
products of their advertising clients also as references even when they
provide almost no information of any value to the reader. And if one
includes a long title for the search, Google tells you that there are no
references available for the subject of the Search.

The result of all these so-called innovations is that one can hardly get
just the best and genuine references on a serious subject.

Is there any way to set the Options in the Internet explorer or in say a
Search Engine like Google to discard all the browser and commercial trash
and extract only the genuine serious references on any subject? Cannot
Search Engines like Google leave the door a little bit open for
discriminating and serious searchers instead of dumping on the computer of
every web-searcher the trash of the tinsel towns or the crap from the
commercials, just because they provide the fattening food for the Search

P. Jayant

Re: Accessing serious references on a subject

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For legal or scholarly searches you could try Google Scholar or
Infomine. -

Re: Accessing serious references on a subject


Re: Accessing serious references on a subject

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John Bokma

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