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what dataset does this use, its very different to the ones i usually

Re: accessible G search

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Based on the result I saw: data that has to do with accessibility (duh!).



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Re: accessible G search

John Bokma wrote:
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As some of you know, i am visually impaired. I tried this new google
search engine today and it is awesome. It is replacing my bookmark for
regular google search. It is so good.

Also, as some of you know, because i am visually impaired, my pages are
heavy in text and low on bells, whistles, and images, with no flash, no
stuff like that. So -- and i swear, i had no idea this would happen -- i
searched for the ever-popular word "sex" art google/accessible -- and my
site came up #1, above Playboy. That's number 1 out of eighty million,
eight hundred thousand.

Obviously i write good pages for folks with low vision. Takes one to
know one, and all that.

Stunned, but giggling inside,

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Re: accessible G search

How does it determine if you're sites accessible what checker does it


catherine yronwode wrote:

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Re: accessible G search

mark r wrote:
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It is a variant google algorithm. I would presume (were i to design such
an alorithm) that it would DEVALUE
    * sites that depend on flash for delivery of content
    * sites with graphics used as buttons, call-outs, or navigation
      tools, unless those butons are backed up by text anchors;
    * sites using "captcha" images for verification;
    * sites with a high ratio of images to text (perhaps parsing the     
      number of kilobites in images versus text per page);  
    * any sites with minute type or great variations in type size
      (minute type is readable by text reader software, but it is not
      readable by those with low vision who do not use text readers
      unless they re-adjust text display for the entire page; on pages
      with multiple siZes of variable type, this is problematic,
      since some type will become TOO big if the entirety of the page
      is magnified)
    * sites with tables, frames, pop-ups, call-outs, and other visual
      devices that might impede the text-reader software from making
      a linear pass through the page's content.

I think this is what is being done, since the number of sites delivered
for any given keyword is less at
than it is at
That is the "accessible algo" is surely discarding inaccessible sites,
and that alone may make it functional, without the need to rewrite what
constitutes a "preferred" site, beyond the normal google algo that
favours inbound links, et al. It may also draw some from th google
"scholar algo" -- but i think rather that it simply coincidentlally
parallels that algo (which favours .edu and other "vetted" content
providers,, most of whom would not be using any of the non-accessible
page decorations asteriskd above.

I have been testing out the "accessible algo" all last night and today
and i am now going to go on record as rcommending it for use by anyone
who wants a CONTENT-RICH serp delivery system. This is not an algo that
will deliver a lot of shopping pages -- although my shopping pages do
come up (but remember my pages were written by a viually challenged
person (myself), so that is not much of a test, i guess.) NO ebay-pags
come up at all.

 Check it out

 cat yronwode -- No. 1 sex site for the visually challenged

Re: accessible G search

catherine yronwode schreef:

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Hi Cat,

I get a 404 on your link.

You might have renamed the site?

Into ?

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Re: accessible G search

tonnie wrote:
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 Thanks. All my urls end with html, but i can barely see my monitor,
hence lots of typos. Like i said, i am visually impaired.  

cat yronwode sacred sex and plenty of it

Re: accessible G search

catherine yronwode wrote:
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Interestingly enough, a search for silver jewellery and subsequently
jewellery delivers ZERO results!


Re: accessible G search

mark r wrote:
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I tried to reprooduce that, but when i searched on <silver jewellry>,
what i think was your store's site,, came up #4 out of
10,700,000 results.

On a search for the same term at regular google, the site
was not even in the top ten.

Are you sure you were at

Frankly i am surprised that the technical folks in this newsgroup are
not yet interested in this algo or trying to dissect it.

My husband (who is not visually disabled, as i am) spent yesterday with
it and declared it far superior to regular google while searching for a
specific topic he is researching, namely online bibliogrphies. He had
previously used the google scholar algo for this but didn't like google
scholar because too many of its  results led to pages that demanded paid
subscriptions or only provided abstracts to journal articles;
accessible, on the other hand, led to good pages that could be entered
without subscribing.

There is some sort of relationship between google scholar and accessible
google, however -- in fact, the only other google service "advertised"
at the bottom of the results page in accessible google is google scholar
-- you cannot get to news, maps, froogle, or any of the other algos by a
direct click from accessible -- only to scholar. But the results are way
different, because non-scholarly articles are also included.

Again, for folks who have not test-driven accessible google -- please
give it a run. I think you will be interested at the results.

I am now convinced that the accessible algo is working on some sort of
ratio principle, devaluing pages that have a high image-to-text ratio.
As an example, Wikipedia pages rank very high at accessible google,
because they have a low image-to-text ratio. As a second example, i
offer my own page on the swastika symbol (part of my site on lucky
charms, mascots, amulets, and talismans). At regular google, my swastika
page usually ranks in the top 5 (it's #4 as i search right now) -- but
at accessible google, it is not in the top 10. Reason? Well, of all my
pages, it has the largest number of pictures-per-text. Most of my pages
have one image (in addition to header and footer images) -- but that
page has quite a few more.

But what accessible google really delivers best is AD-FREE results.
Commerical pages (like your iosilver site and my luckymojo pages) do
come up, but there are NO scraper sites, spam sites, sites with pop-ups,
or sites with complex frames-and-visual-junk layouts in the results at

For those who do have commercial sites and who sell products that are
bought by visually imapired or blind peoiple, and who have invsted
heavily in flash and other visual effects, i recommend making an
accessible-friendly page -- because i predict that this version of
google will be the search engine of choice among folks like me.

cat yronwode lucky charms, mascots, amulets, talismans

Re: accessible G search

mark r wrote:

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Google just repeats what we all already know: Emacs is all you need!
More specifically: Emacsspeak is all you need for accessibility!


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