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I create a web site for a client of mine about a year ago. While they are
getting a lot of business through there web site, it is because they
advertised it locally and barely get any search engine traffic.

They wanted a flash splash screen, which I know isn't to SE friendly, but
it was visually appealing. I'm just wondering what changes I can make to
the site to improve site traffic (without remaking it of course).

The site is http://www.homeconnectionrealty.com

Thank You,


Re: ? about splash page

Dann wrote in

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The first question would be "What search terms is the site targeting?"

The only SE readable copy on the home page is:
"This page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them."

This could be changed to something that includes copy that contains the
target search terms. Apart from anything else, the site is competing with
3.5 million other sites that are also optimised for that term.

I note that you don't want to remake the site but I'd seriously suggest it.
Whilst there are workarounds, frames are a serious problem. I't certainly
worth cutting the splash page and converting the frames pages to non-framed,
which is easy enough, but some of the pages themselves are largely devoid of
meaningful copy. As an example, the list of agents is really a photo gallery
with links. If the photo had the bio alongside, you'd have a page in which
the words real estate, home buyer, buy a home, property managemnet (sic -
Mitch Gass) etc... appeared frequently.

If the site has to stay as it is, I'd replace the splash with a home page
that is a description of the services provided by the site - lots of useful
and indexable text containing the target search terms. Then put a menu bar
with links to the individual pages - and, if you must, you can leave them as
framed pages.

If you were to rework the site, I'd suggest removing the image based
rollovers. CSS would reduce the buyers guide and sellers guide pages by a
total of at least 30,000 characters - there'd be a significant improvement
in the signal-to-noise ratio and you could still have the text turn red on
mouse-over. Whether you go for CSS or not, you should have alt text in the
image links for Google to index.

The stuff about "The following information is to assist search engines and
their spiders when indexing this page," looks terribly cheesy and, if they
wanted to be picky, Google could probably say that it breaks the "Make pages
for users, not for search engines," guideline. There is a case for saying
that what the information does is mislead the search engines as to the
content of the page since, if the content of the page was as is implied,
then the search engines wouldn't need assistance.

If you feel that any of the above is incorrect,
inappropriate or offensive in any way,
please ignore it and accept my apologies.

Re: ? about splash page

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inappropriate or offensive in any way,
please ignore it and accept my apologies<<

I'd say you got it just about right!

Good advice, freely given, probably worth 1,000's of currency!!


Re: ? about splash page

Dann wrote:
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Remove all javascript and frames.  Make the home page simple and complete
html code and with proper body content text.  You can do this without
changing the existing page appearance at all.   I don't think the text you
can now see on the screen is actually in the home page file.   Put links
from other pages on the site to the home page with sensible anchor text.

Also, there are no links at all to click on, it would appear.   Make
anything that is a link clearly underlined, even if it is in fancy font in
an image, or as an obvious link button, so people know instantly what to do.

Best regards, Eric.

Re: ? about splash page

On Fri, 20 Aug 2004 09:04:07 +0000, Eric Johnston wrote:

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Ah darn. I am a complete idiot.
the site is http://www.homeconnectionrealty.net not .com.
Sorry about that.

Re: ? about splash page

Dann wrote in

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I've emailed my comments to www.homeconnectionrealty.com - seems a waste of
all that effort not to.

Actually the same - sans frames - comments apply. Get rid of the splash page
and go straight to:
http://www.hudsonvalleyhomeconnection.com/main.shtml with more text that
hits the target search terms. And some headings with the terms in, they get
bonus points.

Put the main target term as the title - anyone who knows they're called
"Home Connection Realty, Inc." won't be searching for them. Titles count for
extra bonus points.

Biggest problem is that the SEs can't spider the site - that's why there's
nothing in Google for anything other than the "main.shtml" page. Drop the
JavaScript and use standard links for navigation - the SEs don't run js.

You might want to look at the mechanism by which the visitor is redirected
from http://www.homeconnectionrealty.net to
http://www.hudsonvalleyhomeconnection.com /

My inclination would be to use one URL or the other.

If you feel that any of the above is incorrect,
inappropriate or offensive in any way,
please ignore it and accept my apologies.

Re: ? about splash page

Hi Dann,

I was interested to view your site http://www.homeconnectionrealty.net/ . I
am not a professional webmaster, but I wrote and maintain the site for my
mothers UK Estate Agency, and I thought I'd share what works with us...

The URL is http://www.principalhomes.co.uk .

Including pages with information about the local area has been the key. This
means that when someone search for, say "holbeach estate agents" they get
our site top of the list, but loads of locals also search for "holbeach" we
still end up on the first page, which gives us exposure advertising that
works. Yes I know I use frames, and what you guys say about that, but my PR
is ok, and traffic is high.

The splash page ?

I think it might stop visitors rather than increase.


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