A way to get paid using google/yahoo

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ok i know this is my 1st post but i am interested in becoming an active
forum member. i am going to college next year and i know kids my age like
any source of income. now before you MODS ban me from this forum please
read. i am not trying to advertise for anything im just trying to
introduce to some teens netbux. netbux is pretty new and i had my doubts
about it at the beginiing but when i got paid for searching random stuff
like "blue trees" i believed. this is a easy great way to make simple
money. right now with netbux money i earned im hosting a website and
counter-strike server. you can get paid to search google, yahoo, ebay,
check weather and much more. [url]http://netbux.org/?r=317 [/url] Still
think itís a scam? Heres proof that it works. Ive all ready been paid $79
in 1 month.
[url]http://img200.echo.cx/img200/5369/netbuxpaid19nw.jpg[/url] netbux
stats of payment
[url]http://img200.echo.cx/img200/6629/netbuxpaid23dj.jpg[/url]  email
notification of netbux payment
[url]http://img200.echo.cx/img200/75/netbuxpaid35oi.jpg[/url]  paystorm
confirmation of transaction

if you got any questions about it just send me a pm i would be happy to
answer any questions. and i honestly swear on my grandfathers grave this
isnt a scam. and please dont ban me. this isnt spam.

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