a twist on personalized news/targeted advertising?

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I have been working on targetyournews.com, a reddit-like site for
personalized news/targeted advertising.  It's a way of telling people
about something without spamming everyone. However, unlike standard
collaborative filtering approaches, there's a twist here:  the
submitter of a link controls who sees it.

There's a catch of course. As a submitter, you need to be careful about
who will see your submission. If you spam many people with your
submission, they may just vote it down thus reducing its score.  The
score of the URL determines its ranking within the list of
recommendations for a user. So it's important that you target your
submission appropriately to maximize its score, so that it will rank
more highly as a recommendation.

You make a submission and target it. Targeting is based on previous
submissions. You could say something like target people who liked this
earlier submission, avoid people who disliked this submission, etc. You
could have many such targeting rules. These targeting rules combine to
give users a "targeting score" for that submission. If the targeting
score is above a certain threshold, then the user will see the
submission as a recommendation.

Targeting is a real-time game. You may change your targeting rules
frequently after you have made a submission. If your initial targeting
does not appear to be working well, you can try to tweak it. Speed
matters. If you tweak it too slowly, the score of your submission might
go down quickly.

Any feedback on this would be appreciated.  Feel free to play with the
prototype @ targetyournews.com.


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Re: a twist on personalized news/targeted advertising?

Amir  Michail wrote:

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I've written a paper that better motivates and describes the approach:

"Shattering the Self-Promotion Taboo"

I would be interested in your feedback.


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