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I just started this social search engine that learns from the users.

(Note: I get no money from this. I'm doing it because I like freeware.)


They call it a "SearchParty"

What is a SearchParty?

A SearchParty is a search engine focused around a particular topic that is
set up and run by the people that use it. The first generation of search
engines did a great job of opening up a new world of information. The next
generation of search has moved from having one world view to building
"SearchParties" that view the information from different perspectives.

The Eurekster technology continuously learns from the behavior of users of
the SearchParty which search results are relevant and which filtering
techniques work the best. Over time the more people that use the
SearchParty the better the search results will match the community of
users. The Information relevant to that community will rise to the top and
the irrelevant information will move to the bottom.

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