A question of servers and domains and stuff...

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Right then...
I am slowly getting to grips with the new hosting package I have
transferred to and now have a few SE queries.
As it stands GymRatZ was the domain and the likes of water-rower.co.uk
were subdirectories of gymratz.co.uk with domain names forwarded (via
easily.co.uk) to the relevant path.
http://www.gymratz.co.uk/water-rower/ and so on.

As I am now able to set up individual domains under the correct domain
name via the Plesk control would I benefit from changing Gymratz.co.uk
to act as a portal (which is what it is really) and instead of having
all the sub-sites in sub-directories, give them all their own domain and
set them up as seperate entities obviously with all pages still having a
link back to http://www.gymratz.co.uk

This way, all pages linking back would be in the top level directory of
their own domain rather than a 2nd level directory.

In effect going from one site with lots of children to having a
grand-parent site with far fewer pages but more "mature" domains
pointing back.
If  anyone can understand that I'll buy you a pint.


Oh, by the way, all inbound links have always been generated to
gymratz.co.uk and most of the sub-directory domains have been linked to
by their forwarding names as per the sig. block. etc.

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