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There are quite a few websites which scrape Usenet for content, so I
thought it might be interesting to make a list of all of those that
scrape a.i.s-e content.

Here's some I found:

http://www.highdots.com/forums/search-engine-optimization /
http://www.fryforums.com/archive /
http://forums.open-seo.com /
http://search-engines.internet.alt.newsgrouptopics.com /

Obviously Google Groups as well.

Roy, I didn't include yours because I'm not quite sure whether your
getting all the posts, or just threads you're posting in, and whether
that counts or not?

Are there any more anyone is aware of?



Re: a.i.s-e on the Web

Davémon wrote:

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http://www.searchengineered.com /

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Re: a.i.s-e on the Web

__/ [Davmon] on Saturday 17 September 2005 20:09 \__

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I am converting my "Sent" box, which in 90% of the cases contains my own
posts only < http://www.schestowitz.com/UseNet/2005/September_2005_1/ > as
my latest archive can show. Sometimes, if context is missing or an answer
is incomplete, I add a few selected posts sent in reply to mine (about 10%
of the total volume).

For example, if somebody asks about USB mounting in Mandrake and I post the
solution, that's one message. If somebody later comes and adds valuable
extra links or makes an important correction to my advice, I may add it to

In such a situation, I believe everybody wins: the poster gets his/her
problem solved when/if I know a solution, surfers find a solution on my
site by searching the Web, I manage to re-use my advice by publishing it,
simultaneously archiving my own messages. Several times in the past I have
used my site's search facility to jump back to an advice I can recall
giving a long, long time ago. This prevents the need to repeat or recite. I
often use it to solve my own problems. I tend to forget how to use tools or
troubleshoot. I could never index and search data on my desktop/mail client
without Google's algorithms. I cannot use Google Desktop either as I'm on
Linux. Google's Code manager told me that it may be available for Linux
some time in the future.


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