a few comments of google

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Hi my dearests :-)
I learned so much toghether with you that at first I want to say : thank you
NG :-)
Concerning florida:
I was in the top 10 and now I went to "top 45"...not good.. but I want to be
strong !
At the end I followed the discussions on this NG, but I think that not
everthing is like we discussed.
Infact it looks like that the rules and the importance of them changes
within the same serps. What I want to say is that there is no EXACT behavior
of the result. Of course I don't know the algo of google (I wish I knew,
ah,ah,ah...), but OR the algo is more than just complex, OR there are more
different rules existing in the same serps. Maybe becouse on the different
servers are running different algos and then they mix the result??? Could
But I noticed also that the H1, or Title has a different importance from
what we suppose. Infact a few results don't show a big number of followed
SEO rules, but they are in the 10 ten, even they have a very low PR (also
for PR...I am sure that the PR has a very small importance...and not that
big we were sure !!!).
Infact there are pages that have a low PR, a low backlink, strange titles,
but probably the right COMBINATION. At the end, I am sure, it is exactly
this... I arrived to this conclusion by making experiments with plural names
and with 2 or 4 keywords.
It seems that google does't like a big presence of ALL keywords... I have
still to figure out exactly what goes on, but it is again the COMBINATION...
and since florida exactly THIS combination changed.
In the same moment it it so difficult to understan the algo becouse the
parameters are a lot but the pages that you find don't use them ALL and not
in the SAME way (yes....I wish it were easier).
I am still studying the algo, but I am only a little bit more than a
But if we all put togheter small infos, maybe...we can understand how to do
a clean seo :-)

Sorry for the long message



Re: a few comments of google

On Thu, 11 Dec 2003 14:14:01 GMT, "plutonium"

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Do you think google measures the speed at which you gather links?

Re: a few comments of google

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Age if links has been discussed in other forums.  I do think that there is
something to the idea of a mature link being worth more than a new one, but
I have nothing empirical with which to back this up.

Recip links seem clearly devalued.  This hurts many innocent sites, since
not all recip links were gathered in the name of SEO.

John Merrell
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