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I'm new to web design and trying to get ranked well. It seems that
links are key to google ranking. When I read these threads, I'm amazed
at how people get their links, but I don't know how they do it. I'm
not talking about one or two links, but hundreds or thousands.

SeO Dave, I read your threads all the time. How do you get so many
backlinks? Would you mind sharing with a newbie?

My goal is to get 500 back links. My approach to this goal was I typed
in the keyword search in google, than used google's tool bar to check
how many links the number one site has for this keyword. They have 400
back links. Is it realistic to think I can get 500 in a month?



Re: 500 Links

hit all of those links and submit your self to those sites

repeat for listings 1 through 20

do every month or so

Other good things to do is to take part in a few forums, making sure your
site is part of your signiture - as long as your active and the posts are
relevant, you'll develop a big list in no time.


Re: 500 Links

Obtaining 500 backlinks in 1 month seems like it will take alot of
time.  Especially because you will probably have to submit your link
request to over 5000 websites.  Persistence is key


Re: 500 Links

Remember, quality is more then quantity.

I never had luck posting in subject unrelated forums.

To find topic related sites, add your site when commenting in blogs
which belong to your topic. Dont spam the blog but write some useful


I love your spam - www.myTrashMai.com

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Re: 500 Links

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I'm amazed at how people get their links, but I don't know how they
do it.

Start with "How do I get links to my web page?" in the FAQ:

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