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I could use some help with getting rid of 404 page not
found errors for this site I have. It's an older site that
years ago before I knew better that I was spamming the link
for at guestbooks and blog comments about 3 or 4 years ago.
I cleaned up my act since then and no longer spam and do
whitehat seo for the past 3 years or so. But Google at their
webmaster tools is still showing 149 internal pages as 404
page not found errors based on the backlinks I had posted
3-4 years ago at various sites. Those 149 pages have not
existed now for almost 4 years yet google still has a
record of them all from those links I posted at sites that
I spammed at 4 years ago! Does anybody have any idea how I
can get those 404 pages off google's records? There's no
way that I can remove the links I posted 4 years ago at
sites that do not belong to me and that is what google is
basing it on. The pages no longer exist and haven't existed
for a good 3 years. I though of a robots.txt file listing
all the pages but it doesn't seem to me like that would
work since they're basing those pages, those 404 not founds,
on links from other sites and not my own site. Any body have
any idea what I can do to get those 404 page links to my
site removed from google's records of my site? By the way
none of those pages are indexed any longer at google so
there's nothing to remove from google's index itself. It's
the backlinks from those sites I posted at years ago that
google is counting as though they were real pages at my
site and web server which they're not and haven't been for
years now.

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I have a similar situation.  I was listed in ODP for a while, with a
good domain name, my domain name got highjacked, and now, years later,
there are still links to the old domain name.  I am just going and
trying to contact the site owner to change the url to my new domain

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Re: 404 page error Help!

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I think what I'd do in a situation like that is create a new
page that informs the visitor that the page they were trying
to load has since been deleted.  Include a link to the site's
home page.  Then I'd put in a Redirect 301 for each of the
urls getting 404's pointing to the new page.

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Re: 404 page error Help!

Nomen Nescio wrote:

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OK, you got me thoroughly confused now: why would you care about those
links that point to non-existent pages if those links (and pages?) were
results of the spammy tactics you are trying to clean up now? if they
DON'T resolve to a real page, you have nothing to worry about. If they DO
resolve to real pages (or were 301-ed to real pages as was suggested here)
then you'll have to worry about where the links are placed at and whether
they are helping or hindering your site. I mean, of course the official
point of view is that they can do no harm but who knows for sure ... In
any case, no, there is no way to remove someone else's pages from Google
index (would't that be fun!) or remove just links from those pages. You'll
just have to ignore them in the WMT list.


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