404 errors and redirects

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We have a web design crew building a site. It's fairly large, but not
thousands of pages.

When I do a scan for broken links I get a few hundred.

Now, I've built sites before in html, no broken links.

When I looked at the scan results, most of the broken links are one little

The directory structure is such that there is a unique subdirectory for
almost every item, and in that subdirectory , another IMAGES directory where
that image would have to be placed in order for that 404 not to come up.
I've never seen anything like it.

When I asked why this is, the php fellow says he's using a redirect to fetch
that image ( mod_redirect). So, I used another scanner filtering out
redirects, which showed a cleaner scan.

Question is: Will the SE's 'see' all of these errors or is php different
than good ol html?

I'm trying to get this site to rank well in the SERP's but not sure if these
404's are legit or if I have a problem.

I don't do php, and need to know if the redirect story is true or bovine

I'm using Xenu to scan. BTW- any other scanners available out there?



Re: 404 errors and redirects

On Mon, 28 Apr 2008 14:52:51 -0400, "Mike"

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Why? Where's he fetching it from? Is it yours? Sounds like he's
nicking it or something.


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Re: 404 errors and redirects

Gazing into my crystal ball I observed "Mike"

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If there is going to be a redirect, it should be sent before any other
headers.   That would mean the entire page would redirect.  But what you
are saying is something like:

<title>Some Page</title>
<p>This is an image that is being fetched. <img src="images/foobar.jpg"
alt="image being fetched"></p>

View source on one of the pages in question, and look at the image
source.  The is what the SE will also see.

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