302, 301 and canical domain issues?

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BTW i hope canical is the right term when used to describe www and non
www domains.

Ive added some asp into my old default.asp page that redirects hits to
index.asp to combat whats been described as duplicate content on www.
and non www. access to my site (ive used a 301 permanent redirect)

you're probably not bothered, but ill keep y'all posted


Re: 302, 301 and canical domain issues?

It appears that Google has not taken care of the Canonicals issue.  I
mistakenly assumed that since any non www page queries were handled at
the domain registration level and sent to the www page that I was safe.
 Hmmm. Leave it to Google to defy all logic once again.

This week-end Google seems to have replaced their cache of my site with
non www pages of my site. Since there is no page rank for the non www
pages, my pages are dropping like a bowling ball from a ten story

I for one am sick to death of the hoops that have to be jumped through
because Google can't quite get their search engine to function
properly. The web would certainly be a better place without Google.
Rant over.


Re: 302, 301 and canical domain issues?

Quoted text here. Click to load it

I myself have moved from Google to MSN for my searching needs.  They might
not have an equal quantity of pages indexed, but the quality of what they
have is alot higher!

Google crawls and allows to much crap.


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