301 redirect from Yahoo Store (html pages) to new pages (aspx) - Same Domain.

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We just switched from Yahoo Store to our new .aspx website (same domain
name). Bunch of ours .html pages (we used html for Yahoo store) are
indexed by Google. Even if you go now to the Google and related
keywords we are on the top. The problem is when you click on our link
it's doesn't work because page doesn't exist anymore. I am
thinking to have all indexed html pages and have 301 redirect in each
page to the new file name. Say if I had
http://www.mydomain.com/bdi/8529.html and make a 301 redirect to
http://www.mydomain.com/productinfo.aspx?a=8529 .
Question: Will I be penalizing from Google for doing 301 redirect and
how can I do 301 redirect on .html page?
I asked my new hosting company to do it for me... redirect all .html
pages to my home page, he said it will cost me double for hosting.

Thank you.

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