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I did a couple of 301 re-directs at two of my sites and they are both
working fine (re-directing to the new sites and url address) just like
it's supposed to. Both sites are re-directing from the index.html file
address from their main directory to a subdirectory address within the
site. What I didn't do though, because I wasn't sure, I didn't remove
the index.html file from the main directory. So it's like these two
duplicate page at the site, the origional index.html in the main
directory and new subdirectory adress that has the same exact page where
the index.html is redirecting to. My question is should I remove the
index.html from the main directory when doing a 301 redirect? Also
should I be redirecting from the index.html or is there a way to
redirect from just the root domain address by just using "/" as the from
address in the .htaccess file?

The other question I have is the two sites I'm doing the 301 at are
different web hosts. At one of the hosts when you change permissions for
the .htaccess file it dissapears but it must be there somewhere because
the 301 is working at that site. The other site I'm doing a 301 at you
can see the .htaccess file there in the main directory folder. But at
that other host it is actually invisible once you change permissions for
the .htaccess file which seems strange to me. The 301 is working there
though but worrying if google and yahoo will pick it up since the file
is not visible?

Re: 301 Question & Help

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Oh Gawd... it's a technical one and there's only me here... what to
do? I know, I'll stall her, Ahem, what's the urls please? :-)

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When you say it disappears... could you define how it's visible in the
first place? How are you viewing it?  

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Some setups will automatically make the .htaccess file invisible to
casual viewing. A security/safety thing, I suppose. I still use the
WIN95 version of WS_FTP, and the .htaccess file is routinely invisible
in that on a server. To make it visible, I have to type -al into a
little empty field that the program has, I suppose it's kind of a
command line thing, and then refresh and it becomes visible. So that's
pretty much a routine thing, the invisible bit. Jeez, I had no coffee
or anything yet, does it show at all? :-)


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