3 key words or 3 key phrases

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i know i should optimise my web pages for up to 3 key words each.

but i've also been told i need to go for key phrases rather than
words, for example uk corporate identity rather than logo in order to
get anywhere.

not sure which is best here.

Re: 3 key words or 3 key phrases

On 3 May 2005 00:52:48 -0700, wcslingsby@hotmail.com (wclingsby)

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Okey, well, you'll get more targetted traffic if you target your key
phrases. If you optimise for "cars", you'll get zillions of visitors.
People who buy, sell, collect, paint, steal, want, don't want, will
all be along.
So if you optimise for "Cadillacs", you'll get all of the above but
only those who are interested in Cadillacs.
If you optimise for "1973 model Cadillacs" then you'll get only those
folk who are interested in Caddys from that year.
And so on, and so forth.
So, you want to pin down exactly what it is you're offering, then
optimise for that, and not all variants. If I were you, I'd devote one
page to each keyphrase too, I don't believe you have the experience to
handle more than that.

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Re: 3 key words or 3 key phrases

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In usually work on 2 or three phrases that string together to make psuedo
sense - do a search on overture for a word, then choose phrases that start
and end with your target phrase i.e.

target word: furniture

contract furniture
furniture manufacturer

contract furniture manufacturer

if you can get another related phrase after manufacturer you can continue
with up to 4 or 5 phrases strung along - it looks kind of messy in google
but people just click the results, i dont suspect they read them?

i hope you get my process :)


Re: 3 key words or 3 key phrases

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You will be surprised how much difference the description Google
displays can make (especially the title)
I had a page at no.3 for a certain keyword on Google, and received
over 100,000 hits in a month.     I changed the title and description
and now, despite the fact it is still no.3 it now receives less than
20,000 a month.

Re: 3 key words or 3 key phrases

You want targeted traffic so go with descriptive key phrases

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