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How long does it generally take to get listed after submitting ? Does it
make any difference that I have 2 links to my site ( one on a PR4, and one
on a PR5 page ) .. I thought these links would help get me indexed ?

Is there any benefit in me buying an additional domain names, that are
keyword rich and pointing them to my site ? ( on any search engine's ? )

Trying to lay some groundwork for a good ranking .... and No, I havent
forgot about the main site and how good that must be as well. Just trying to
get all the angles covered.


P.S. - I'l learning a LOT from this newsgroup ! Keep up the good
conversation's all !!!

Re: 2 Google Questions

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Without wanting to sounds skeptical, if you'd been here even 1 week you'd
have seen the "how long does it take to get listed" question getting
answered regularly.

If you register other domains and link them to your actual site, they'll
only be really useful if their PR is good.

Re: 2 Google Questions

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As a really up to date case study:

I had a site which received its first backlink to on 20th September. (Don't
count on Google submissions. Get backlinks.)

Around 25th September many of the site's pages were in Google, but ranking
very poorly.

Around 10th October, all of the site's pages were in Google, and ranking
okay, but still no backlinks were referenced, and no PR on the Google

Around 15th October, /certain/ pages were getting good rankings.

On 21st October, Google Toolbar finally showed PR4 for most of the pages
(not a bad start, IMHO), all pages were indexed, and getting good rankings
generally. Only a few backlinks were shown, despite there being lots. The
backlinks shown are all the earliest ones.. so I imagine Google will catch
up in, say, another month.


Re: 2 Google Questions


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I get the same sort of results for new pages, so your list is a good
guide of what to expect after adding a few decent links to a

Better the links, quicker the initial index I've found. Everything I
create is indexed in days because they get linked to from PR5s and

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