2 domains, 1 redirecting to the other, 1 won't index

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My company bought a .com and a .co.uk domain because we get people who
type the wrong one and we thought it easier if we got both and just had
one pointing to the other.

The problme i have is that whilst we were having an office move and
chaning servers the redirect got taken off somehow and the .co.uk had
content indexed when it should not.

I had a holding page there till the website was designed and now the
site has full content and full optimisation.

Problem is i want the .co.uk to redirect to the .com. However it seems
the .co.uk is the only one indexed in google. But the content is on the
.com and all our business cards say .com etc.

Is the .co.uk stopping the .com being seen because its already been
indexed? and now that i have full content on the .com will it be
indexed or will google just stick with the .co.uk that has no content
only a redirect?

I suppose what i want to know is would it be better to swop the
redirection round and have the .com redirecting to the .co.uk since the
.co.uk has already been indexed?

I need high rankings for the site but fear that it will take ages for
it to be indexed as the .com is the one that contains the information.

Any advice on weather i need to swop would be appreciated.



Re: 2 domains, 1 redirecting to the other, 1 won't index

p.s i also use a refresh attribute to redirect.

Ie on page refresh go to the other domain.

Is this a problem? or is there a better way of doig it?

Re: 2 domains, 1 redirecting to the other, 1 won't index

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Yes, Yes.

If on Apache, use mod_rewrite and 301 one to the other. Note that it
doesn't matter much that now the "wrong" one is in Google. Google will
follow the 301 when revisiting and fix it for you.

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Re: 2 domains, 1 redirecting to the other, 1 won't index

"croc79" wrote...
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Think big - reprinting company stationery and unding the confusion created
is probably much bigger than sorting out the cockup.

You need to permanently redirect the .co.uk to the .com using a 301

You need to remove all content from .co.uk  There should have been none,
avoiding this mess; if you redirect properly, then the site will not be
seen, so needs no content.

There may be short term damage - but that was a risk whichever way you do
the redirects, as tthe current system is simply wrong.

so you need three 301 redirects:

www.domain.co.uk to www.domain.com
domain.co.uk to www.domain.com
domain.com to www.domain.com

Additionally, you need to check that all your internal 'home' links go to
www.domain.com or "/" - not to index.htm or anywhere else.

Then check the site with xenu

Then get some applications in to quality directories, always using



Re: 2 domains, 1 redirecting to the other, 1 won't index

Andrew Heenan wrote:

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Hi I am on windows 2000, so i have set up the .co.uk to have a 301 to
the .com.

However i can only do 1 redirect. How do i do the other 2? Or is this
not necessery if i am not using Apache server?

Why is it a problem if my home links go to index.asp? They are set to
the local path rather than www.domain.com/index.asp. I can change them
obviously to just www.domain.com.



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