2 days to indexed?

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Lat week I  put 3 new sites up.
All of them were indexed at Google and showing
in the cache within 2 days of going online, I made a
small change on the first site and this showed up in
the cache within 36 hours.
Has Google always been this quick? or has something

Re: 2 days to indexed?

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It appears to me that Google is going though it's cycles a bit more quickly
these past few days than during the prior few weeks.

Indexing and freshbot lisingts seem to take place pretty quickly.

Itwill be interestgin to see if it is an anomoly or a result of a new algo
or some other change.

James Taylor

Re: 2 days to indexed?

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Could I ask if your sites are showing pagerank & backlinks at Google yet?  
I had one listed 2-3 weeks ago, and it's still showing at zero, despite
several pr5-6 links.

It's frustrating, because I'd like to start canvassing for more, but it
sounds kind of unconvincing to approach other site owners with a site that
appears to be completely white-bar.

Clare Associates Ltd
http://www.clareassoc.co.uk /
01822 835802

Re: 2 days to indexed?

Victoria Clare wrote:
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The page http://www.koivi.com/serps.php was put up Jan 16. Still shows 0
PR. There are at least 3 off-site PR4 links, 4 off-site PR5 links, 1
off-site PR6 link, 6 PR5 on-site links, and one PR6 on-site link.

However, I had put up http://www.koivi.com/guitar-intonation.html about
2 months prior to that. It currently has only the one link from
http://www.koivi.com /, and is at a PR of 4, go figure.

Justin Koivisto - spam@koivi.com
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